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Introduction to Social Development Activities
Apostolic Vicariate of Soddo (AVS) is a complex jurisdiction with immense geographical and ethnic scope. It is a vast and diverse region with almost 19.9 million people living across seven zones and two especial Woredas. It hosts over 33 out of 56 Southern Nations Nationalities and people. Towards journeying to achieve integral human development at the preset reality needs to ensure sustained inclusive growth in the region as elsewhere in the country. AVS has been making great effort to serve a wide range of community in the areas of Education, Health, Food Security, WASH, Emergency supports and Women empowerment through its sub branch offices and congregations. As for the last over 40 year the Vicariate has served the most vulnerable and marginalized communities’ members under its jurisdiction. In the last two to three years the Vicariate had gone through number of challenges due to weak performance in the areas of governance, communication, finance management, operations, programs development and fund raising. With serious commitment to improve this situation the office has done a serious organizational Capacity assessment in the last six months beside implementing its programs and projects. Following the capacity assessment, it has produced a report of organizational Capacity assessment, where capacity improvement actions were recommended for each weakness.
Sections we are working on

# Health

Ethiopian catholic church Social and Development Coordination Office of Soddo (ECC-SDCO/S) renders health service mainly to the poor, marginalized and most underprivileged ones in the area of where we work reaching directly or indirectly through health institution with the goal of promoting integral human development through health care service. Health program is one of the social institutions which designed to meet the objectives of the church and needy community through the provision of quality health service in the jurisdiction. All the activities are being implemented in line with the countries development policy and in integration with governmental and relevant non-governmental organizations. Under this program Dubbo St. Mary primary hospital, Mokinsa St. Anna health clink center, Konso Karat hospital and other health institution playing key role in the delivery of major health services such as curative, preventive and rehabilitative.


The ECC-SDCO of Soddo implemented WASH projects in the area where we work where the water supply condition is scares and needy. In addition to the water supply, projects are integrated with sanitation and hygiene promotion through community led total sanitation and school hygiene promotion. Undertake feasibility study on sustainability and provision of wash Develop and rehabilitate different water schemes for multiple use of water for human, animal and irrigation purpose. Strengthen network and community centered water scheme management body.

# Peace & Justice

The Catholic Church in Ethiopia promotes fundamental values of the human person by creating awareness of the dignity of the human person and promotes mutual respect, reconciliation, and social solidarity through its Justice and Peace department and various Pastoral and Social Development interventions. The Justice and Peace Department as the main organ of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Ethiopia focuses on mobilizing community leaders to full understanding of the social problems related to inequalities and social conflicts. As Pope John XXIII highlighted in his Encyclical letter ‘Mater et Magistra’ (15th May 1961), the Justice and Peace department bases its approach on social matters as follows: ‘Actual situational analysis to identify the problems and root causes of the problems by careful evaluation of the situation in relation to Catholic Social Teaching (CST), and decide on how to act in order to transform troubled society into peacefully-harmonized society’.


The Ethiopian Catholic Bishops Conference has underlined the importance of strengthening Justice and Peace activities in a more formally organized and structured manner and formation at national and diocesan levels. Moreover, it is the apostolic and pastoral responsibility of the Church to assist the Ethiopian society with the core principles and fundamental human values in accordance to the Social Teaching of the Church based on the intrinsic values of the Gospel.


The Justice and Peace department as part and parcel of the executive arm of the Ethiopia Episcopal Conference and echo of the Universal Church in matters of Catholic Social Teachings (CST) carries out holistic mission of the Church to contribute to bring about social order, love, harmony, respect for human rights, peace and justice within the society. The Justice and Peace Department is committed to promoting social Justice and Peace in the country in the light of the Gospel, which is the ultimate truth, and also in the light of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church. It does so by creating awareness of the need to promote peace in the country through the construction of social order, a peace-building initiative in an attempt to bring solid harmony within a society.


Besides its organizational structure and well-established infrastructure, the Ethiopian Catholic Church establish solid relations with the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia in which the Catholic Church is a founding member of the organization as well as community-based organizations, religious leaders, and community elders who are considered opinion leaders in their circle of influence at the grass root levels in order to cascade human values that bind society together in the spirit of a just peace.

The purpose of the SCS Justice and Peace Department as a Vicariate’s organ is to coordinate, capacitate, facilitate represent, monitor, and evaluate all activities of the diocese concerning justice and peace issues. The department has a special responsibility to create awareness and assist the community to become more proactive in the process of social transformation.
Goal: To contribute towards ensuring sustainable and peaceful coexistence among ethnic and different religious groups in the target areas Objectives:
1. To restore broken relationships between and among different communities
2. To strengthen the Capacity of Religious and other institutions in reconciliation and peacebuilding
3. To improve livelihood involvement of socially and economically marginalized women and youths

# Food Security & Agriculture

Ethiopian catholic church Social and Development Coordination Office of Soddo (ECC-SDCO/S)

# Education

Ethiopian catholic church Social and Development Coordination Office of Soddo (ECC-SDCO/S)

# Emergency & Humanitarian

Ethiopian catholic church Social and Development Coordination Office of Soddo (ECC-SDCO/S)

# Social Rehabilitation & Gender

Ethiopian catholic church Social and Development Coordination Office of Soddo (ECC-SDCO/S)

Donor Partners

The continuous development and growth of the Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission Coordination Office of Soddo (ECCSDCO/S) is made possible by these generous donor partners.