Health Sector

Ethiopian catholic church Social and Development Coordination Office of Soddo (ECC-SDCO/S) renders health service mainly to the poor, marginalized and most underprivileged ones in the area of where we work reaching directly or indirectly through health institution with the goal of promoting integral human development through health care service.

Health program is one of the social institutions which designed to meet the objectives of the church and needy community through the provision of quality health service in the jurisdiction. All the activities are being implemented in line with the countries development policy and in integration with governmental and relevant non-governmental organizations. Under this program Dubbo St. Mary primary hospital, Mokinsa St. Anna health clink center, Konso Karat hospital and other health institution playing key role in the delivery of major health services such as curative, preventive and rehabilitative.

General Objective

  • Inspired by the example of Jesus Christ and guided by the Catholic social and ethical teaching, the ECC-SDCO/S Health care service to fulfill the church’s mission of healing ministry and improve the health status of people specially the poor and marginalized women and children by delivering holistic health care.
Donor Partners

The continuous development and growth of the Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission Coordination Office of Soddo (ECCSDCO/S) is made possible by these generous donor partners.