Food Security, Resilience & WATSAN

Food Security, Resilience & WATSAN

Two food security and resilience projects has been planned for 2023 by soddo area office. The two projects will be implemented at Wolita zone; one at Abela Abaya and the other at Damot Woyde. Two of the resilience projects are funded by Caritas Belgium; of which one that will be implemented at Abela Abaya focus on resilience building by rehabilitating the natural resource base of the community but the other project that will be implemented at Damot Woyde will follow the triple nexus approach; which is livelihood- humanitarian- peacebuilding. Allocated amount of budget for implementation of these two projects is ETB11, 480,000.00 of which ETB 9,184,000.00 will be used for direct programmatic costs and the remaining 2,296,000.00 will be used for indirect costs. Total of 3600 people (1764M and 1836F) will be addressed by these projects in fiscal year 2023.

The ECC-SDCO of Soddo implemented WASH projects in the area where we work where the water supply condition is scares and needy. In addition to the water supply, projects are integrated with sanitation and hygiene promotion through community led total sanitation and school hygiene promotion. Undertake feasibility study on sustainability and provision of wash Develop and rehabilitate different water schemes for multiple use of water for human, animal and irrigation purpose. Strengthen network and community centered water scheme management body.

General Objective

  • Endeavor to ensure household food security and livelihood through the creation of economic opportunities and strengthening of the resilience capacity of the most vulnerable communities.
Donor Partners

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