Emergency Humanitarian Projects

Emergency & Humanitarian

We have two emergency and humanitarian projects for fiscal year 2023. The humanitarian and emergency projects will be implemented at Wolita and Konso zones selected woredas. Emergency seed provision, non-conditional cash, emergency drug and non-food items provisions are the focus areas of the emergency and humanitarian project. Budget allocated for implementation of the two humanitarian projects is ETB 36,265,276.00 of which 32,492,271.00 will be used for direct program costs and the remaining 3,773,005.00 will be used for indirect costs. Proposed number of beneficiaries is 592,297 people (290,379M and 301,918F).

General Objective

  • The core objective of humanitarian program/ projects is to save lives and prevent the depletion of household as sets aiming at creating a resilient community.
Donor Partners

The continuous development and growth of the Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission Coordination Office of Soddo (ECCSDCO/S) is made possible by these generous donor partners.