Jinka Sub-Branch – Bid Announcement

Bid Announcement

Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission Coordination office of Soddo (ECC-SDCO/S) has been implementing a project entitled “HELP” to enable vulnerable people in the targeted woredas (Malle, Benatsemay and Dasenech) have access to safe water for domestic use. Therefore, ECC-SDCO/S, Jinka sub branch office invites interested contractures to submit their full proposals (Financial and Technical) for boreholes/water schemes rehabilitation work in the targeted Woredas.

The organization wants to rehabilitate boreholes/water schemes that affected by flood which are sepecified by lot here after. A complete set of bid document shall be purchased by interested eligible bidders upon payment of non refundable fee of birr 200 (two hundren birr only) from Ethiopian Catholic Church Social & development Commission Branch Office of Soddo, Jinka sub branch. The procurement of labor/installation for the boreholes/water schemes rehabilitation work specified in 3 lots namely: Lot1-Malle woreda, Lot2-Benatsemay woreda and Lot 3-Dassench woreda. Quotations can be submitted for one lot or for more than one lot. Alternative offers will not be accepted. ECC-SDCO/S reserves the right to award the contract based on the first and non-negotiated quotation.

Eligibility Criteria:


Interested service providers must meet the following eligibility criteria to participate in this tender.

1)     Legal registration proving that the bidder is authorized to provide services related to this bid asper the category in the below table.






Lot 1


 Pressure Main Pipeline rehabilitation 

South Omo Zone Male Woreda -Lemo Gento village/kebele

GC/WWC grade 5 and above

Lot 2


Water points & Distribution pipeline rehabilitation

South Omo Zone Benatsemay Woreda – Argo Kebele/Village

GC/WWC grade 5 and above

Lot 3

Shallow Well

Shallow Well  rehabilitation

South Omo Zone Dasenech Woreda – Nakiya kebele/village

GC/WWC grade 5 and above










2) Bidders should submit their business license valid and renewed registration certificate, VAT, TIN and renewed licenses for Water Works construction and General Construction Works for 2015/2016 E.C.

3) Bidder shall provide at least two (2) Certificates of satisfactory execution of contracts provided by contracting parties to activities related to this bid. (Letter testimony from authorized body)

4)  Bidder should visit the construction site so as to take informed decision and have confirmation letter from concerned bodies.

5)     Shall submit professional documents of Qualified Staff to provide services related with this bid.

6)     Bidders shall purchase bidding document up on payment of non refundable fee 100 ETB.

7)     Bidders should submit their wax sealed Financial and Technical documents “Original” together on or before 2:30 PM on the 7th day from the date of announcement of this bid on mass board, if the day is holiday or week-end the bid submission will be on next working day at the same time and venue in ECC-SDCO/S, Jinka sub branch office. Late submitted bids will be rejected.

8)     Arithmetic Error (!) of more than 2% leads to the rejection of bid.

9)     Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidder’s or their legal representatives who want to attend in person at 3:00 PM on the 7th calendar day from the date of announcement of this bid on mass board, or if 7th day is holiday or week-end the bid will be opened on next working day at ECC-SDCO/S, Jinka sub Branch Office.

10)     The bid will be valid for a total of thirty (30) days after open opening of the bid.

11)     ECC-SDCO/S, Jinka sub branch reserves the right to partially or fully cancel /reject any or all of the bids.


Note: Contact through the following address for farther information if required in this regard: (Email address info@ecc-scs.org or Call through +251924707768 Cellphone).

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