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Introduction and Background of the Organization

Apostolic Vicariate of Soddo encompasses five administrative zones (Dawuro, GamoGofa, South Omo, Wolayta and Konso) and four especial woredas: Konta, Basketo, Alle and Darashe all of which are within Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPR).

Apostolic Vicariate of Soddo borders Hawassa Vicariate in the East and South East, Vicariate of JimmaBonga in the west, Hosanna Vicariate in the North and Kenya in the south and South Sudan in the south West. Data obtained from the Regional Bureau of Finance and Economic Development shows that the area under Soddo Vicariate is estimated to be 53,010 Sq. km (2007 census) The total population of the area under the Vicariate is estimated to be 5.93 million people in 2014. The Vicariate represents 48.6 percent of the total area of the SNNPR and 32 percent of its population. Among these, the Catholic faithful are 192,000 (3.3% of total population). To provide its service the Vicariate is organized into 34 Parishes and cuasi parishes. There are 8 women and 3 men’s congregations providing services in the jurisdiction. Over 28 religious and 28 Diocesan priests together with 46 religious women and 808 main and helper Catechists lead the socio pastoral ministry of the Vicariate

The vicariate has a long history of presence responding to spiritual and social needs of the people in its operational area. The vicariate has been playing a pivotal role in supporting development interventions in the area and remains one of the major non-state actors. The vicariate passed through various institutional transformations before taking its current name and geographic configuration.

The prefecture Apostolic of SoddoHossana was established by the Apostolic constitution “Quae Utilia” February 13, 1940, with Territory taken from the Apostolic Vicariate of Neghelli. It was promoted to the status of Vicariate Apostolic on October 15, 1982. Finally, Soddo Apostolic Vicariate was formed in February 2010 former Soddo-Hossana Catholic into independent vicariate of Soddo and Hosanna.

Apostolic Vicariate of Soddo went through a dynamic process of transformation over the years expanding its socio pastoral and development work in terms of thematic areas of engagement.

Prior to the year 1992, the major focus of social and development work remained health and education and were and individual religious member out by large various religious members with grants donated by different Catholic development and welfare organizations, Christian communities and individual benefactors. The scope of the Vicariate pastoral and development program support has, however, expanded significantly over the years with the inclusion of more sectors of engagement including food security and emergency, gender and development, social rehabilitation, orphan support and other social services.

Our Mission

To bear witness to the love of God (Caritas) (Acts 1:8) by promoting the Integral Human Development of all members of Society within the jurisdiction of the Vicariate by ensuring growth and self-reliance through Pastoral and Social Development and Peace building ministries.

Our Vission

To realize an Ethiopian society where the spiritual, physical, socio-economic and cultural needs of the people are met and where peoples are living in Harmony, Solidarity, Equality, Love, Justice and Peace.

Core Values & Principles

• Dignity of human being
• Preferential options for the       poor and marginalized
• Solidarity
• Stewardship
• Subsidiarity
• The common good

Where We Work
Donor Partners

The continuous development and growth of the Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission Coordination Office of Soddo (ECCSDCO/S) is made possible by these generous donor partners.